Uppdragsavtal används i samband med olika former av affärssamarbeten mellan företag eller då ett företag anlitar ett annat företag för utförandet av en tjänst eller konsultuppdrag. Ofta benämns det som ett konsultavtal och ibland uppdragskontrakt eller konsultkontrakt.

Uppdragsavtal eller konsultavtal heter assignment agreement på engelska.

Detta är en mall för uppdragsavtalengelska, därför är texten nedan skriven på engelska, precis som i avtalsmallen.

A consulting services agreement, also called consulting contract or assignment agreement, is primarily used in connection with various forms of business collaborations between companies or when a company hires another company for the performance of a service, eg sales assignments.

Why you should write a contract

The agreement regulates the assignment and related issues such as reporting, the consultant's and client's responsibilities and obligations, payment plan, invoicing, form of compensation, contract period, etc. In addition, the assignment agreement should regulate on what grounds the agreement can be terminated, responsibility for so-called subcontractors as well as customary provisions in agreements such as competition, transfer of the agreement, dispute and amendments to the agreement. In short, it is smart to develop such an agreement.

There are several references in this consultancy agreement which are: schedule, reporting, payment plan, the consultant's right to benefits and compensation in addition to salary, special agreement on ownership. Just remove the ones that are not applicable.

This template is translated from our Swedish version Uppdragsavtal mall konsultavtal.

Content/clauses of this Consulting services agreement template:

  • The Assignment
  • Reporting
  • The Consultant’s Responsibility
  • The Client’s Responsibility
  • Payment
  • Invoicing
  • Compensation
  • Contract Period
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Privacy
  • Cancellation
  • Subcontractors
  • Force Majeure
  • Competition
  • Dispute
  • And more

You can easily add more or remove the ones you don't need.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that this template is merely a tool for helping you create an agreement. If you have concerns that you wish to have addressed, please contact a lawyer directly so that your specific circumstances can be evaluated.

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2022-05-26 16:19
Klart nöjd! Det verkar som att Appendix2 hänvisas till från 2 olika ställe, vilka borde vara olika (reporting, samt Client's responsibilities).
I övrigt bra mall; men jag kompletterade Competition clausulen då den var lite tunn.
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