Berättelsen av skadeståd för avtalsbrott

Hello, I am an American lost in Swedish law on the subject of avtalsbrott and skadestånd for avtalsbrott. I am looking for simple information about any specific law or statutes in Sweden which cover breach of contract and damages for breach of contract in this country. It seems obscure. In most other countries there is a civil or commercial code, where you find the appropriate law. I cannot even tell if that is the case in Sweden. I can read Swedish. I have read some pages in Ramberg on the subject, and I believe I understand them. (In my youth, many years ago, I practiced law in another country.) But I still do not know where to go to look up basic Swedish contract law in terms of statutes. Does it exist? Is there an online website where I can find the basic provisions of the law of contracts here?
Ja absolut. Riksdagen eller lagrummet? [url][/url]

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