I'm a Chinese student, could anyone help me please?


First,so sorry that use English to chat with you. Right now I could only spell and read some simple Swedish words. 🙁

I am a Chinese student who is studying in Kristianstad University and inadvertently found here, I'm very interested in the import and export trade between the Sweden and China. At university my major is International Business Administration.

I'd like to ask a question, What are the procedures for register a company with import and export operation rights in Sweden? How about the Funds? Must i hire the lawyers and accounting from a third party in Sweden?

Looking forward to your reply. And I can answer any questions about China as much as I can. Business,tourism, history,culture..

Tack så mycket!
You should check out verksamt.se There you will find a lot of information regarding having a company in sweden. At the top you can choose "english". Good Luck!

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