Ett liv helt utan skatter och regleringar nu möjligt, Ta chansen ändra ditt liv innan globala finanskrisen gör det mycket svårare

OM DU VILL LEVA FRITT, HELT UTAN SKATTER OCH REGLERINGAR ...Then you better join SKÅNE or other GAB nations. Total free from tax, government, elite and general only limited by the consequences of your actions and other induviduals rights. We are now a global 20 million people parallel economic market and fast growing. Skåne by itself have possibility to grow 10 times bigger with start from october -2022. Skåne today are 12 countries globaly spread out so we have all natural resources needed. Through GAB nations we from this week have our own internet with all social networks, communication and most important... our own currency and global payment system. Gör intresseanmälan för vidare info.

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