seeking Associates

Hi! am Mr Lokmani

I am looking for partners who wants to be my companions in the new company that i want to create.

i want to have my company as aktiebolag and would like to have at least 4 companions under me with me as the biggest share holder of 60%

my suggestion for companyname is: Lagmans Stadsutveckling AB

My business plan is to develop farmers land in to resort- homes which means permanent homes in a resort enviornment where the customers can have the house as a permanent house with the possibility that they can rent it out for tourists. My job will be to present the pictures and drawings of the resort development plans to the farmowners and make a deal with them to build the resort homes on their farms. The farmowner also has the chance to get partially paid by cash for every house thats being built on their farm and also by for example 2 houses after completing 10 houses for the customers. After the signed deal with he farmowners and after construction approval from the government i will start to find customers who will agree to reserve the house for themselves and are willing to give the deposit money to us which will be around 30% of the total costs of the completed house which will also be enough to cover the construction costs of the house. the profits for the company and payment for the forestowner will come after the customer moves in to the house that they buy from us

Best regards Mr Lokmani

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