Starting AB - Questions

Hey guys,

Hope you don't mind I'm writing this in english. My swedish is not that good yet.

I have a tax question about having an AB:

Say I invoice 500.000 SEK. Which would be my incoming money.
Say I spend 200.000 SEK.

That would mean my earnings, before I pay myself lön, is 300.000 SEK.

I have read that on earnings I need to pay 26.3% earning skatt.

However, do I have to pay that over the amount BEFORE lön, or AFTER lön?

My guess would be after, other wise I pay 26.3% over my lön + 33.some% inkomstskatt + all the other pension items.

Anybody who can help me? Hope it's clear to read. Perhaps anyone has much information documents in english? Skatteverket is not so good in that unfortunately...
Sorry if this is obvious, but are you calculating the VAT (moms) in those numbers?[br][br]Anyway, your assumptions are correct, saleries in an AB are considered a cost and thus decrease the taxable income (for the company).[br][br][br]ps[br]I found this in english from skatteverket:[br]though I'm not sure it's very helpful at all.
Med vänliga hälsningar,

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