Thomas Bergman

Produktdesigner på Send Consulting AB i Stockholm

We are a UI/UX design and strategy firm in Stockholm. We help make your digital products better, smarter, and more loveable.

Let us help you with:
Digital Product Design – The creation of digital products that solve customer problems and transform your interactions with them.
Digital Transformation – Guiding and helping you deliver better products, services, and business processes through digitization.
Customer Journey Mapping – Developing a framework that enables you to improve your customer experience by documenting the interaction from their perspective.
Digital Strategy – Aligning all digital initiatives to your critical business goals and developing a framework for measuring success.
UX Strategy – Data-driven UX design, conducting usability testing, design sprints, focus groups and workshops.
Customer Experience Strategy – Provide a distinctive experience for customers, by uniting around the goal of meeting their true needs.
Project Management – Making sure milestones are delivered on time, without scope creep, while keeping the communication with all stakeholders.


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