Maria Svensson Wiklander

Delägare och Medgrundare på Jämtlandshubben AB i Östersund
Gomorron is how you want it to be. A new day starting in the best possible way. Where you wake up feeling inspired. Curious and eager.
We believe in people. And we believe in places.
We basically created the place we all had been searching for.
To create an ass-kicking coworking and development hub we have added personal experience, awesome co-creators, attractive and inspiring workspace design, interesting collaborations and an overall great atmosphere. This is how we attract more great people in transformation and development. We connect serial entrepreneurs, remote working employees, startups, partners and many more - from all industries and professions.
Founded by 6 entrepreneurs with a strong social and societal development engagement, the vision is clear. We want to contribute to sustainable community development through challenging ideas and projects.
We package our knowledge into services for external companies - through keynotes, workshops, facilitation, innovation management, project management, marketing expertise and business development. Let’s have a coffee and we’ll tell you more about it!!
Do also checkout our project Jämtland Calling - recruitment and lifestyle safaris.

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