David Christner

Designer & Digital Marketer på Dreamify i Stockholm
Do you have a digital business dream? I am a designer, digital marketer and entrepreneur with a strong vision. I envision a world where all of us follow our own hearts, not other people’s hearts. According to science, the heart is 5000 times stronger magnetically than the brain, and it actually sends more messages to the brain than the brain does to the heart. So I believe the heart should be the master, and the brain its faithful servant.

With experience from startups, digital agencies and career guidance, I help entrepreneurs and startups realize their digital dreams. And this is how we help to turn your digital business dreams into reality at Dreamify:

1. Your vision leads the way: Your business vision guides us from the very start of the project.
2. We set actions for your goals: Big goals are exciting, but without clear actions, they will always be goals.
3. We build, you co-create: This is when we get our hands dirty, and when your vision begins to take shape.
4. We work hard to achieve the goals we’ve set up together with you. The Dreamify team is at your service at all stages of your digital journey to follow up on your goals and to keep your digital presence up to date. We believe in non-stop growth.

All in all, we work with your business vision from a holistic viewpoint. Our mission is to offer something more than just a website or digital marketing strategy. Ultimately, we want to see your business succeed in the digital world and we are (literally!) ready to move mountains for you to make that happen.


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